Should ASCAP Get Paid for Ringtones?


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It makes no difference

Submitted by MikeAlike (not verified) on July 28, 2009 - 7:28am.

It makes no difference whether the ringtone is considered a public performance or not. Bottom line AT and T and any other service which sells or markets ringtones, does so for profit and to keep the consumer involved in as a paying customer. Its a promotional tool for the telelcommunication company, a method or service they provide to customers for entertainment , a selling point. They and any other service can P-A-Y to use or for the use of music.

They can’t be serious.  Making a song whether its an independent release or corporate, costs money- the studio time, engineering, placement, it takes time to make music and its work- tedious, creative. People get paid to work in this world and for making a product, a musical piece when done professionally is a work. Equipment also costs money- be it a home studio or outside, a mastering fee or fee’s for legal registrations, publishing, distribution. The consumer or company who thinks an MP3 is just some quick 3-4 minute loop of music is at a loss for the depth involved in the recording process, then there’s the pain of rejection, getting screwed, losing money.

So absolutely fricking not- these multi-billion or million dollar industries and businesses can pay for music- whether its a ringtone or MP3, clip, they don’t get to use music just to keep the customer happy. They can not use music or ringtones then if they can’t pay for it- ringtones bring them, business. Music made professionally- thats a charity donation companies? No.


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