FMC's Jean Cook & Beauty Pill at Arlington Artisphere

Jean Cook, FMC Director of Programs and musician extraordinaire, will soon begin production on a new recording with a really cool spin. 

After a long hiatus, Jean will rejoin celebrated post-rockers Beauty Pill, who are “going public” with the recording of their new album. Partly inspired by Abbey Road Studio Two, which lets fans see where much of the Beatles’ catalog was conceived, Beauty Pill will lay down tracks for the entirety of their record in a space completely open to onlookers. No performance anxiety with this band!

Sessions will be held from July 16 through August 2 at the Artisphere’s Black Box Theater in Arlington, VA. Onlookers will bear witness to any and all aspects of the process — jamming, rehashing new songs, reworking old ones, mastering, editing and everything in between.

Singer/songwriter Chad Clark commented on the project, “The way that we make music involves a lot of stumbling in the dark… making that process accessible and visible to the outside world will, if nothing else, be an exercise in vulnerability.” We feel vulnerable just blogging about it.

FMC loves it when artists explore new avenues for expression, especially when the artist is one of our own. So we’re pretty excited about the Beauty Pill experiment — in addition to the many other projects housed at the Artisphere, a huge urban art center with a 4,000 square foot ballroom, four performance venues, three visual art galleries and free WiFi throughout.

More information on Beauty Pill is available at their official site.

For info on the Arlington Artisphere, head here.

Submitted by Scott on July 11, 2011 - 3:57pm


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