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Hi all, I think Kollector can

Submitted by Jean-Marc Lederman (not verified) on November 26, 2011 - 4:26am.

Hi all,

I think Kollector can help all in the music community: it's a worldwide realtime radiobroadcasts tracking application that tells you when and where your songs are being played on radios, everywhere. It then breaks down the informations in several diagrams and graphics.

It can be extremely useful to track how your promotion goes, discover new territories for your music, see where you should go and play or make more promo, show you trends about what is being played from your albums and, last but surely not least, it can help you, your publisher and your collecting company to forecast accurately and with real factual data your royalties due from radio broadcasts....

It's a totally new transparent application open to all !
It's still in free beta on

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