Board of Directors: 2014

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Board Bios

Peter DiCola

Peter DiCola is an associate professor of law at Northwestern University. He received his J.D. from the University of Michigan Law School in May 2005. After law school, he served as a law clerk to the Honorable Thomas L. Ambro of the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit. He received his Ph.D. in economics, also from the University of Michigan, in 2009. His dissertation concerned regulation of the radio and music industries. While in graduate school, he worked with the Future of Music Coalition as Director of Economic Analysis from 2000–2004 and served as full-time Research Director from 2005–2006. He is the co-author, with Kristin Thomson, of Radio Deregulation: Has It Served Citizens and Musicians? (2002) and the author of False Premises, False Promises: A Quantitative History of Ownership Consolidation in the Radio Industry (2006). More recently, he has co-written a book with Kembrew McLeod of the University of Iowa called Creative License. The book is about the licensing of digital samples in the music industry and was published Duke University Press in March 2011. He is part of the team for the ongoing Artist Revenue Streams project, concentrating on analyzing the data from a nationwide survey about musicians’ revenue. His other current research focuses on copyright policymaking, licensing transactions in the music industry, and the relationship between the two.

Farnum Brown

Farnum Brown is Chief Investment Strategist at Trillium Asset Management Corporation. With $900 million assets under management, Trillium is an internationally recognized leader in the field of progressive shareholder activism. The Company pioneered the use of shareholder rights to maximize financial return while improving corporate performance in the areas of environmental, social and media responsibility.

For the past 20 years Farnum has managed investment portfolios for many leading progressives in the music and film industries. He is founding Chair of the Open Media and Information Companies Initiative (Open MIC), a non-profit shareholder advocacy group promoting access and openness in the digital ecosystem.  Farnum also serves on the Board of Advisors of Public Radio Capital, a non-profit devoted to expanding non-commercial radio in the US. Farnum holds bachelors, masters and doctoral degrees from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Kristin Thomson

Kristin is a community organizer, social policy researcher, entrepreneur and musician. After graduating with a BA in Sociology from Colorado College in 1989, Kristin moved to Washington, DC where she worked for two years as a national action organizer for the National Organization for Women. She left NOW in 1992 to make a full-time commitment to Simple Machines, an independent record label she co-ran with Jenny Toomey. Over the label’s 8-year history, Simple Machines released over seventy records and CDs, published the Mechanic’s Guide to Putting Out Records, Cassettes, and CDs, and organized three high-profile music festivals in Washington, DC. While running the label, Kristin and Jenny also wrote, recorded and released four highly-acclaimed Tsunami records on Simple Machines, and toured the US, Canada and Europe extensively.

Kristin joined Jenny Toomey at the Future of Music Coalition in late 2000 to oversee project management, research and event programming, including Future of Music Policy Summits from 2002-2007. In 2011-13, Kristin became a consultant for FMC, and has served as Co-Director of the multi-method Artist Revenue Streams research project. She was also the main author of Arts Organizations and Digital Technologies, released by Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project in January 2013, and works with consumer privacy expert Ashkan Soltani. She lives in Philadelphia with her husband Bryan Dilworth, a concert promoter, and their son, where she also plays guitar in the lady-powered band, Ken.

Michael Bracy

Michael is known for his policy work in front of Congress and the FCC, including media consolidation, radio regulation (including Low Power FM), and ensuring public interest principles are at the heart of the legal structures that will help dictate new technological frameworks. Michael is a recognized public advocate both for the music community and for the need for increased citizen participation in the policy process. He has testified before the Congress and the FCC, and speaks often on these issues at conferences and in the media, including CNN, MSNBC, National Public Radio, Washington Post, New York Times, Billboard and elsewhere.

Michael attended Georgetown University, where his courtship with his future wife, Kelly, began in earnest when they co-hosted a radio show on the campus station. After graduation, Kelly and Michael spent seven years in Seattle, where Michael worked in the educational communications field specializing in producing and directing live, interactive educational and government television programming. Kelly and Michael have three children, Eliza, Sophie and Owen, and live in Arlington, VA.

Bryan Calhoun

Bryan Calhoun is the VP of New Media and External Affairs at SoundExchange, the non-profit performance rights organization that collects statutory royalties from satellite radio, internet radio, cable TV music channels and similar platforms for streaming sound recordings. Bryan is instrumental in reaching out to artists and rights holders, enhancing and strengthening the role SoundExchange plays in and educating the music business community.

Bryan Calhoun holds a B.B.A. in Finance from the University of Georgia (recently the cover story in the university’s alumni magazine, Terry. During an active career, Bryan produced Hip Hop concerts in the early 90s, was a radio and club DJ, worked at record distribution companies and did A&R, marketing and business development for major and indie labels. In 2003, Mr. Calhoun opened Label Management Systems, LLC, whose clients have included MSN Entertainment, G.O.O.D. Music, Disturbing tha Peace, Monster Cable and others. Additionally, he created business tools for indie labels and artists with the Music Business Toolbox and Label Management Systems Financial Management Software. In recent years he has focused on new media issues consulting the likes of Kanye West, Ludacris and others including working closely with powerhouse management company Hip Hop Since 1978.

Bryan has been influential in advocating for the Performance Rights Act which would entitle artists to be paid when AM and FM broadcasters use their work. He is actively involved in looking at future business models in the music industry and is a frequent speaker and panelist at music industry events.

Walter McDonough

Walter McDonough is the General Counsel and one of the founders of the Future of Music Coalition. Mr. McDonough is a former professor of copyright law at Suffolk University Law School. He also serves as a board member on the United States performing rights society SoundExchange and the Alliance of Artist and Recording Companies. Mr. McDonough has traveled throughout North America to speak at the University of Texas Law School and the World Congress of Information Technology, the American Bar Association Annual Intellectual Property Conference, Canadian Music Week, South by Southwest, Association Québécoise de l’industrie du disque, the MUTEK International Music and Technology Conference, the Harvard Law School Berkman Center Signal/Noise 2k5 Conference, the Columbia Journal Of Law And the Arts Symposium, the National Campus and Community Radio Association at the University of Alberta, Music and the Entertainment Industry Educators Association Annual Conference, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and the Harvard Law School Journal of Law & Technology.

Mr. McDonough is also an attorney who has represented, among others, the Dresden Dolls and Mission of Burma. Mr. McDonough was an associate at Carroll Guido & Groffman in New York City, one of America’s leading music law firms, a former assistant Massachusetts Attorney General and a law clerk for the Honorable Edward F. Harrington of the United States Court for the District of Massachusetts.

Emily White

Emily White is the co-founder of Whitesmith Entertainment, a music, comedy and sports management and consulting firm based in New York and Los Angeles. White is known for developing artists using the grass roots and modern tools of the internet. In 2012, White founded Readymade Records and Publishing with her artist Brendan Benson as a sustainable home for his music and production projects. Recently, White partnered with Cortney Harding to form Dreamfuel, which specializes in crowdfunding for athletes.

Brian Zisk

Brian Zisk is a parallel technology industry entrepreneur specializing in digital media, web broadcasting and distribution technologies. Brian is Founder and Executive Producer of the SF MusicTech Summit and the Future of Money and Technology Summit. Brian is a Founder and Managing Director of the SF MusicTech Fund, and a Co-Founder of various startups. Additionally, Brian is a Co-Founder and Technologies Director of the Future of Music Coalition and a Board Member and/or Strategic Advisor for a wide variety of tech companies and non-profits. Brian was previously a founder of The Green Witch Internet Radio which was sold to CMGI at the turn of the millennium. He is active in many influential computer-mediated forums, is quoted and published extensively in the media, frequently appears on panels and at industry events, and is an expert at helping founders and musicians, frenzy whipping, brand awareness, and in creating and evaluating new business models.