On Copyright

Future of Music Coalition respects intellectual property and copyright. We believe that musicians and songwriters must have the ability to be compensated for their work, regardless of where or how that work is used or accessed.

We also recognize that creators are not a monolithic group, and may have a variety of perspectives on issues at the intersection of copyright and technology. That’s why we think it is so important that the artist perspective is represented in debates about intellectual property in the information age.

FMC does not condone or endorse the unauthorized distribution of copyrighted material. We do, however, strongly believe that the artists themselves should have a choice with regard to how their work is exploited in the marketplace. As technology continues to evolve, it is crucial that those who help shape our communications culture — including technologists and policymakers — consider closely the impact of their decisions on musicians and songwriters.

Future of Music Coalition endorses the following values in intellectual property and copyright:

  • The growth of legitimate, licensed services as an alternative to unauthorized distribution platforms
  • Equitable compensation structures that benefit musicians and songwriters
  • Transparent, sensible enforcement policies that reflect the needs and values of the independent creator community
  • A viable public domain with accessible avenues for the dissemination of important cultural artifacts
  • Market-oriented solutions to streamline commercial activity around creative content