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FMC Newsletter #124 | Sept 17, 2014

Greetings, FMC fans! The internet might have “slowed down” for a moment last week, but everything else seems to be keeping a brisk tempo. Our Policy Summit is rapidly approaching, with new speakers announced every day. Meanwhile, big developments are happening in music, technology and policy. Read on for the latest details!

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Future of Music Policy Summit

We’ve just announced a brand new round of speakers, keynotes and panels for the 14th annual Future of Music Policy Summit, October 27 - 28, 2014. FCC Commissioner Mignon Clyburn will be delivering our Monday keynote session, and panels will feature a diverse range of luminaries and leaders including: 

- Ceci Bastida musician
- Ben Brannen Co-founder and CEO, AtVenu
- Thomas Frank Columnist,
- Kiran Gandhi drummer/percussionist, M.I.A.
- Scott Gimble & Steve Gordon Owners/Agents, Circle Talent Agency
- Rachel Goslins President’s Council on Arts & Humanities
- Katie Alice Greer musician, Priests
- Peter Jenner Sincere Management
- Shawn King musician, DeVotchKa
- Tracy Maddux CEO, CD Baby
- Jonathan Sallet General Counsel, FCC
- Fox Stevenson singer, songwriter and producer
- Astra Taylor documentary filmmaker, musician and author
- Bill Wilson Digital Strategy and Business Development, Music Business Association

Registration is still available at the early bird rate of $199- secure your spot today!

There are still a limited number of musicians’ scholarships available thanks to our generous sponsor, CD Baby. Fill out this short application form to apply for discounted Summit registration starting at just $25.

Our hotel block is filling up quickly - make sure to reserve your rooms at the official conference hotel at the discounted rate of $179/night.

Net Neutrality Update

Last week, you may have noticed that a whole bunch of your favorite websites (us included!) particpated in a symbolic “Internet Slowdown” bringing together a very diverse group of companies, organizations, and individuals to stand up for real net neutrality. Together, we’ve submitted over 3 million comments to the FCC, almost all in support of stronger protections.

We’re proud to have been supporters of net neutrality before the concept even had a name, and couldn’t be more excited to see this movement grow. And while headlines may focus on the participation of big companies like Netflix and Tumblr, it’s worth remembering that musicians, songwriters, and independent artists are among those most impacted by these debates. That’s why so many musicians have already stood up in support of real net neutrality, joining a whole host of arts and cultural organizations in calling for the strongest possible rules. And its why we submitted our own reply comments this week, detailing the many flaws in Big Telecom’s bogus arguments.

This week, the action isn’t slowing down with FCC roundtables on Tuesday and Friday, and a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing happening today.  (You can read our written testimony here, and follow us on twitter for live coverage). And in the coming weeks, we hope to hear more about events happening outside of DC where musicians and their allies can talk about these concerns face to face with government officials.  We’ll keep you posted.

Since February, we’ve been monitoring Comcast’s attempt to merge with Time Warner Cable in a $45 billion deal.  What does it mean for creators and fans when just a few companies control so much of the media, technology and entertainment universe?  Here’s an overview of the issues at stake. To put it plainly, we have a hard time thinking of any time that large-scale ownership consolidation has produced good results for musicians and indpendent labels, whether it’s recorded music, live venues & ticketing,radio broadcasting, or telecom.

That’s why we’ve told the FCC to reject this deal. In a joint filing with our friends at the Writers Guild of America West, we’ve spelled out the many reasons this deal would be bad news for creators and for the public interest.

While the FCC’s official comment period has now ended, the battle’s not over.  Stay tuned for more ways to get involved.

FutureBlog is your destination for analysis of the latest news in music/tech/policy; here’s a selection of our most popular recent posts:

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Unlike any other awards dinner, the Future of Music Honors evening returns on Monday, October 27 at the Hamilton Live. This year’s dinner and show will include unique live musical tributes and collaborations alongside drinks, mingling and fun.

This year’s awardees:
OK Go | Merge Records | Peter Jenner
Youth on Record | Girls Rock Camp Alliance
Representatives Bob Goodlatte, John Conyers Jr., Jerrold Nadler & Howard Coble

Performers include Damian Kulash (OK Go), Ceci Bastida, Shawn King (DeVotchKa), Molina Speaks, Kiran Gandhi, Fox Stevenson, Rebecca Gates, Martín Perna and more.

Individual tickets for the evening are available on the Honors website; discounted tickets are available exclusively to Policy Summit attendees. A limited number of sponsorship opportunities are also available for the evening.

You can always contact us at suggestions [at] futureofmusic [dot] org if you have any questions or feedback.