43% of [Artists] in America Lack Any Form of Health Insurance

October 29, 2013

That’s according to a recent survey from the Future of Music Coalition, which found musicians to be ‘chronically under-insured’ and drastically below national (US) insurance averages.  And perhaps unsurprisingly, the more dedicated you are to your craft,the less likely you are to be insured.

The reasons are strikingly simple.  Also unsurprisingly, roughly 88% of all [artists] lacking health insurance simply couldn’t afford it.


Anton Gunn, Director of External Affairs at the US Department of Health and Human Services, firmly feels that government assistance would improve cultural output.   ”There’s a fundamental difference in the quality and amount of good, artistic music that can be given to our community, when we have strong and healthy artists,” Gunn asserted during a Future of Music Summit keynote in Washington, DC.