Program Areas

Future of Music Coalition is a national nonprofit organization that works to ensure a diverse musical culture where artists flourish, are compensated fairly for their work, and where fans can find the music they want. 

FMC’s work falls into three program areas – education, research and advocacy. 

We organize events that bring hundreds of musicians, technologists, attorneys, policymakers and industry representatives together for cutting-edge discussions about the changing music landscape, making sure to include a variety of voices in the conversation. In addition to our annual Future of Music Policy Summit, we organize Policy Days, panel discussions, musician-education events, briefings and class discussions. Sign up for our events newsletter at

We submit testimony, publish articles and speak on panels to make sure the creators’ experience is heard. 

We distill and translate information for musicians. This website is packed with articles, fact sheets, interviews, testimony, letters to Congress, and research reports on everything from major label contracts to media ownership.

We keep musicians informed about the changing music landscape. FMC’s monthly newsletter includes breaking news and information about the policies and technology developments affecting musicians, as well as advocacy campaigns, articles and upcoming events. Sign up for the newsletter at

We generate original research to more completely illuminate the mechanics of the music and media industries. Since 2002, we have published data-driven reports on the effect of the 1996 Telecommunications Act on musicians and the public, whether the FCC’s 2007 consent decrees had any effect on independent labels’ access to commercial radio, conducted surveys on musicians’ access to health insurance, and their feelings about how new digital services are impacting their ability to make a living.

Issues We Work On

Since 2000, FMC has consistently worked on issues, policies and developments related to:

• Media ownership and media consolidation
• Payola
• Low power and full power FM
HD radio

• Net neutrality
• Webcasting and streaming
• White spaces and spectrum reform

• Sustainable local cultural communities
• Training musicians to become more effective advocates

• Digital distribution
• Sample license clearance
• Fair use and the public domain
• Reversion of rights to creators
• Orphan works

• Public performance royalties
• Contract and business practice reform
• Health insurance for musicians
• Touring, ticketing, concerts

Annual Reports and Brochures