Senator Udall on Net Neutrality


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Personally, I think you could

Submitted by Jeff Shattuck (not verified) on October 20, 2010 - 12:21pm.

Personally, I think you could have explained it a lot better.

Here's what net neutrality means: all traffic is handled equally. The only way to ensure that this will be the case going forward is to pass a law that says you can either deliver content over the Internet or supply it, you cannot do both. In other words, Comcast could not create its own content, it could only deliver content created by other people. Such a simple, clear law will never happen, so next best is to do what Google and Verizon are doing, which is to allow some traffic to have priority over other traffic, especially video, which needs to arrive in real time, vs, say a Word doc, that can arrive out of order and be reassembled without much trouble to the reader.

As for all the stuff about Comcast, well, this too is simple: Comcast is classified as a broadcaster, which, of course, it no longer is, it's a telecom company. In fact, anyone offering internet service is telecom as the Internet is always two-way. Maybe the satellite guys could be considered broadcasters, but the minute they bundle Internet, they no longer are.

For a great discussion on this stuff, click here:

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