FMC Files Comments in FCC Indecency Rulemaking


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The freedom of expression is

Submitted by Artificial flav (not verified) on June 19, 2013 - 1:43pm.

The freedom of expression is the freedom to express ideas and words that some might find offensive. Thus the neonazi broadcasts from fox news, however offended i feel by them, my recourse is to change the channel. There is already a ratings syem in place, and common sense (however lacking in the general populace) should be enough. If the pantywaisted masses who cannot parse out a few words from their collective hearing, then that is their problem. This country is being built upon the concept of "image is all that matters" in that as long as popular media isnt showing those things the overly sensitive of us are afraid of, then collectively we can all do what we like. I would rather have truth, ugly or not than an image of propriety covering a core of hate and angst. To return to topic, however: rules should be built for all, and this all needs a vote, or those whiners should just stay on the hallmark channel.

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