FMC Responds to Internet Radio Royalty Rates Decision


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This law is such a bunch of

Submitted by John Michaels (not verified) on December 18, 2015 - 3:17pm.

This law is such a bunch of crap ! It is just another way to line the pockets of the rich and push us small hobbyist broadcasters out of the picture totally !
I think the Music Mafia ( SoundExchange + RIAA ) are a bunch of liars and thieves trying to find anyway they can to get every cent they can !
I have direct dealings with some BIG name artists and I dont hear them complaining about us small guys promoting them ! We small broadcasters have been paying licensing fee's for YEARS !
Has FM ? No ! They havent ! But they get a slide , right ?
They get a free pass , is that it ?
No fines , no past due fees for years and years of Unpaid royalties from playing artists music , is that it ?

It's wrong ! Its offensive ! And it should be criminal for them to NOT have to pay what they owed for all the money they made off ads from stealing artists music for so many years !

But no , punish the small independent broadcaster , who gives a crap about them , they dont matter , right ?
Well This law stinks to high heaven and so dont the people who wrote it ! Your a bunch of con artists , thieves and criminal supporters !
What goes around comes around remember that !

Well, John Michaels, nobody

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on January 2, 2016 - 8:47pm.

Well, John Michaels, nobody is going to listen to an argument in a tone such as yours. Though a solid front is needed against this lousy rulemaking. Who among us will lead a civil yet firm approach to the CRB and SoundExchange for the reinstatement of the small webcasters provision?

My tone comes from anger in

Submitted by John Michaels (not verified) on May 17, 2016 - 10:08am.

My tone comes from anger in watching literally thousands of small stations and small businesses who were used by small station be cut off at the knees ! This government is pathetic ! Not only pathetic but add stupid and greedy pigs to that too ! All they want is to support their kids college funds with OTHER peoples hard earned dollars ! Ask the artists how much they really get from these corporate pigs ! Not much ! Time to knock out the middle guys who get paid for sitting on their fat asses and doing nothing !

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