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As part of our mission to make sure that artists' and musicians' voices are not left out of the policy debate, FMC regularly prepares and submits public comments, documents, and testimony to the appropriate rulemaking bodies. In these documents, the FMC strives to inject the debate with information about how policies can affect artists and the public at large.

February 15, 2006

FMC Letter to FCC on Payola, Media Consolidation and HD Radio

Official Filing
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December 16, 2004

FMC's Presentation at FTC Forum on Peer-to-Peer Filesharing

Michael Bracy, FMC Policy Director
Official Filing
Tags: file-sharing, P2P
October 8, 2003

Joint Statement on Current Issues in Radio (2003)

Broad Artist Coalition sends Statement to FCC and Congress

Official Filing
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February 27, 2003

Radio Deregulation: Has It Served Citizens and Musicians?

Jenny Toomey
Official Filing
January 30, 2003

Statement of Jenny Toomey Delivered During ?Media Ownership: Radio? Hearings

Senate Commerce Committee Hearing on "Media Ownership: Radio"

FMC staff
Official Filing
September 13, 2002

Comments Prepared for Congressional Black Caucus Forum on Piracy

Jenny Toomey, Executive Director, Future of Music Coalition
Official Filing
July 23, 2002

California State Assembly Hearing on Major Label Accounting Practices

Future of Music Coalition

Official Filing