FMC in the News: 2013

43% of [Artists] in America Lack Any Form of Health Insurance

October 29, 2013

That’s according to a recent survey from the Future of Music Coalition, which found musicians to be ‘chronically under-insured’ and drastically below national (US) insurance averages.  And perhaps unsurprisingly, the more dedicated you are to your craft,the less likely you are to be insured.

The reasons are strikingly simple.  Also unsurprisingly, roughly 88% of all [artists] lacking health insurance simply couldn’t afford it.

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Obamacare for Creative Types

October 17, 2013


“Essentially, the more personal income derived from art, the less likely the respondent is to have health insurance,” the study states. read more

Strong Reactions To Radio Bill

October 1, 2013

Reactions continue to arrive to the introduction of North Carolina Democrat Rep. Mel Watt’s latest bill to require radio to pay a streaming performance royalty for airing copyright covered music. How much attention the measure will get in Congress is unclear, since committees related to communications and broadcasting have postponed their meetings originally slated for this week due to the government shutdown.

NAB EVP Communications Dennis Wharton says the trade group “respectfully” opposes the “Free Market Royalty Act,” and appreciates the support of 183 lawmakers who back the “Local Radio Freedom Act,” a nonbinding resolution opposing a new performance royalty for radio. read more