About FMC

About the Future of Music Coalition

Program Areas

FMC’s work falls into three program areas – education, research and advocacy.

FMC actualizes its mission through a number of activities. We organize events that bring hundreds of musicians, technologists, attorneys, policymakers and industry representatives together for cutting-edge discussions about the changing music landscape, making sure to include a variety of voices in the conversation. We submit testimony, publish articles and speak on panels to make sure the creators’ experience is heard. We distill and translate information for musicians, and keep musicians informed about the changing music landscape. Finally, we generate original research to more completely illuminate the mechanics of the music industry.

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FMC Staff

Dick Huey Interim Executive Director & Board Chair | bio | dhuey<at>futureofmusic.org
Kevin Erickson National Organizing Director | bio | kevin<at>futureofmusic.org
Alex Maiolo HINT Program Coordinator | bio | alex<at>futureofmusic.org
Jean Cook Co-director, Artist Revenue Streams project | bio | jean<at>futureofmusic.org
Kristin Thomson Co-director, Artist Revenue Streams project | bio| kristin<at>futureofmusic.org
Michael Bracy Co-Founder Emeritus | bio

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Future of Music Coalition is a small, dynamic nonprofit with just a handful of core staff people. In order to accomplish all we do, we rely on the kindness and skills of folks around the country who help us as volunteers. Examples include: read more