Artist Revenue Streams

Artist Revenue Stream: Resource Center

Artist Revenue Streams

Use the materials on this page to help us promote the survey to as many musicians and composers as possible.

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Promote this project to Facebook, Twitter, or any other social network. read more

Artist Revenue Streams: Outcomes

Artist Revenue Streams

Objectives and Outcomes

Though we can’t predict the actual results of the work, FMC sees at least five uses of the research data: read more

Artist Revenue Streams: Participation

Artist Revenue Streams

How Musicians and Composers can Participate

FMC is encouraging as many US-based musicians and composers as possible to participate in this study. Here are four ways you can take part in this ground-breaking work.

Interview | Financial Case Studies | Take the Survey | Promote the Survey

1. Interview Candidate

Open: now until December 2011 read more

Artist Revenue Streams: Research Team and Advisory Committee

Artist Revenue Streams

Research Team

This project is being co-managed by FMC consultant Kristin Thomson (bio) and FMC’s Director of Programs, Jean Cook (bio). Additional project members include: read more

Artist Revenue Streams: Research Questions

Artist Revenue Streams

Research Questions

This project is collecting information from a diverse set of US-based musicians about the ways that they are currently generating income from their compositions, performances, recordings or brand, and whether this has changed over the past ten years. read more

Artist Revenue Streams: Methodology

Artist Revenue Streams

Methdology and Research Components

FMC is employing a three-step research process; in-person interviews with a small but diverse number of musicians in 2010-11; a review of financial records of some musicians; and a widely distributed online survey in fall 2011. We feel that this multi-method approach will help us to get the best snapshot of different musicians’ income streams and create a more robust and meaningful report. read more

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